ST. LOUIS, MO - If you’ve ever built a new home or remodeled a kitchen, you know how difficult it can be to visualize what the finished room will look like. More specifically, how difficult it is to know what the new granite countertops will look like or if the wood flooring you’re considering will match your cabinets – especially when those decisions have to be based on a typical – and tiny – 3” x 3”-sized sample. Well, not anymore.

“We put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that these samples were accurate representations of the various materials”

Meet MEGA Swatch.

MEGA Swatch offers larger and more helpful-sized paper samples of a variety of granite countertops, cabinets and wood flooring, all designed to give homeowners a realistic glimpse of how the finished project will look.

Rather than the standard 3” x 3” samples of granite, homeowners can order 20” x 27” paper samples for just $2.99, allowing them to affordably cover the area to be remodeled and get a true peek at the outcome. Paper samples of both cabinetry and hardwood flooring are 24” x 37” and cost just $1.99.

“The idea for MEGA Swatch was born when my brother was remodeling his kitchen,” explains MEGA Swatch’s Dave Bender. “Before ordering thousands of dollars worth of granite countertops, he and his wife wanted to make sure they were actually going to like how it looked.”

Bender and his brother, Jim, also own Bender, Inc., a commercial printing operation in St. Louis and decided they could simulate the look of the granite on paper, providing a unique opportunity to better simulate a larger area of granite, cabinetry and wood flooring.

Thanks to the development of a patent-pending process, each sample comes directly from a scan of actual material, which includes more than 40 patterns of granite countertops. Using a proprietary, light-controlled production, color correction and printing process, each MEGA Swatch is created to account for/simulate various lighting conditions.

“We put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that these samples were accurate representations of the various materials,” explains Bender, “and the reactions MEGA Swatch has received so far have been extremely positive. The resemblances we were able to achieve are outstanding and, visually, it’s difficult to tell the samples from the real thing.”

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