BILLERICA, MA - RIKON Power Tools Inc., in conjunction with Big Tree Tools LLC, announce the NEW Badger Safety Spur Center model 70-940.

RIKON Power Tools Inc., a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, announces the launch of its New Badger Safety Spur Center model 70-940; the only lathe drive center on the market with a safety guard. The unique spring-loaded guard prevents loose clothing, hair, jewelry, etc. from becoming entangled with the spurs. It also prevents accidentally touching the spurs with any part of your body; or touching the spurs with a chisel or the tool rest. The spring-loaded center point is engineered to allow over 3/8” (10mm) of travel. This allows easy loading, unloading, reversing end-for-end, or stopping of the workpiece for inspection while the lathe spindle is in motion. Spindle and bowl turners will appreciate the convenience and comfort of knowing that the guard will make turning safer for both beginning and experienced turners.

MSRP: $79.99. Available now for distribution.

The NEW Badger Safety Spur Center model 70-940 has the following additional features:

• ACCURATE CONCENTRIC CENTER POINT: Remove the workpiece and replace it, or reverse it end-for-end, the workpiece will return to precise concentricity without fuss, and without fail, every time.

• WIDE SPURS: The Badger spur center will accommodate a wide range of workpiece diameters—down to 1/2” (13mm). There is no need to own several sizes as with other designs.

• CENTER POINT IS KEYED TO BODY: The 60 degree cone center point is keyed and locked into the body of the spur center. This improves accuracy and ensures concentricity when the workpiece is flipped from headstock to tailstock.

• SHARP SPURS: To drive the workpiece with the minimum force from the tailstock, the spurs are designed with a large surface area in the axial plane; parallel to the grain of the wood. The spurs are sharp as a chisel so they readily penetrate the end grain of the wood.

• PATENT PENDING: Designed by Big Tree Tools LLC. Manufactured and sold exclusively by RIKON Power Tools Inc.

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Source: Rikon Power Tools

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