Instant ambience. That’s what makes wood a natural choice for commercial surface applications. Its warmth and depth are unparalleled. In addition to maintenance, availability and durability, today’s architects and design professionals don’t want to contribute to deforestation and the over-harvesting of wood species.

The solution: Wilsonart® Standard Woodgrain Laminates, now available in 16 additional designs. The new patterns give eco-conscious design professionals more ways to convey the timeless beauty of wood—affordably and sustainably.  

Wilsonart® Laminate offers beautiful and practical alternatives to harvested wood species for walls, countertops, partitions and casework. The broad range of species and colors, paired with a Fine Velvet Texture Finish, were created to rival the real thing.

These new beautiful woodgrain designs are eco-friendly, lightweight and priced right, helping design professionals meet stringent stewardship, indoor air quality, recycled material content and FSC® responsible forestry requirements for green building projects—even on the tightest budget.

“Our ability to authentically replicate wood—in all its variations, textures and tones—has never been better,” said Natalia Smith, Wilsonart design manager. “These woodgrains work wonders to set the stage, whether you’re creating a sense of refuge in a library, designing a thematic atmosphere in a brew pub or making a medical clinic feel more warm and inviting.”

The new patterns represent nature’s best neutrals in heroic American wood species, such as walnut and ash, as well as the warm tones of oak, maple and cherry. The new designs also reproduce dramatic and reconstituted wood patterns such as Buka Bark, from the banana plant trunk and Ebony Recon.

The new woodgrains showcase six design themes:

Heritage – Revisits history with a view to fresh insights. As captured by rustic Mission Maple, the contemporary reconstituted wood veneer of Natural Recon and the warm espresso veneer of Ebony Recon.

Folk Art – Celebrates the authentic individualism of our heritage, reflected in rich, smoky Florence Walnut and in the classical mid-tones of Pinnacle Walnut.

American Eclectic – Blends the aesthetic of Heritage and Folk Art with clean, sophisticated lines, as seen in finely textured NeoWalnut, the open grain and honeyed amber of Pasadena Oak and the warm coffee tones of Palisades Oak.

Flea Market Finds – Curates and preserves the treasured charm of found objects, as expressed in the rich patina of Hibiscus Cherry and the ruddy glow of Persian Cherry.

Bohemian Spirit – Captures a spontaneous and free-spirited style, instilled in the open-limed pores and warm grey hues of Boardwalk Oak, the relaxed sophistication of Mangalore Mango, and the pleasing wood tones of Morelia Mango.

Circa – Today – Reimagines all that is familiar, adapting patterns in bigger, bolder ways, as seen in the silvery highlights of Sterling Ash, the uneven grain of Lowell Ash and the contrasting colors of Buka Bark.

These new Wilsonart Laminate woodgrain designs are available as standard-priced options in a Fine Velvet Texture Finish. Complemented by Wilsonart’s standing commitment to best-in-class service and 10-day shipment, Wilsonart meets designers’ tight project schedules. Additional finishes are also available by factory order. Learn how Wilsonart Woodgrain Laminates create instant ambience, sustainably and affordably. Order samples or learn about the entire line of Wilsonart decorative surface options by visiting, or call 1-800-433-3222 to speak to a Wilsonart representative.

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