CompX Double Door Latch Eliminates the Elbow Catch
May 16, 2014 | 6:17 am CDT

CompX Double Door Latch Eliminates the Elbow CatchGRAYSLAKE, IL  – CompX Timberline announces the release of the Double Door Latch, designed to allow two or three point locking for standard or wardrobe style double cabinet doors when used with a lock.

The Double Door Latch eliminates the need for elbow catches or other devices and does not require the user to reach inside the cabinet to release. Tested to pull forces exceeding 150lbs and significant engagement between the Latch and Catch increases cabinet security and durability. Installation is easy and 3D engineering models are available at

The Double Door Latch consists of three components, Latch, Catch and Activator. The low profile Latch is mounted inside the cabinet to either the top or bottom, the Activator mounts to the door with the lock and the Catch to the non-locking door. When the cabinet door with the Activator closes it pushes the bolt on the Latch to the other side to engage the Catch. The bolt on the Catch side is spring loaded allowing the doors to be closed in any order.

For a user to operate the Double Door Latch, the door with the lock and Activator installed must be unlocked and opened first. This automatically releases the Latch bolt on the Catch side allowing this door to open. With both doors open the user can now easily access the entire cabinet. To the close the cabinet doors the user simply shuts either door in any order without risk of damaging the cabinet or the mechanism. With both doors closed, the user locks the lock securing both doors.

Double Door Latch can be used on cabinet doors of almost any height or width. For standard cabinets one Latch is required. For cabinets taller than 48” it is recommended to use Latches at the top and bottom to create a three point locking system. Visit to view the Double Door Latch video.

The Double Door Latch is sold in kits which contain the Latch, Activator, Catch, installation instructions and are available in a black or white finish. Lock sold separately.

Double Door Latch is perfect for healthcare, education, laboratory, retail display and office furniture environments. Double Door Latch applications include, but not limited to:

• patient room cabinets

• supply cabinets

• wardrobe cabinets

• office furniture cabinets

• audio visual cabinets

• reception and conference furniture

• retail display cabinets

• hospitality cabinets

CompX Security Products domestically manufactures high quality locking systems under four brand names - CompX National, CompX Fort, CompX Timberline, and CompX Chicago.

Source: CompX Security Products

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