SACRAMENTO, CA - A family from the Sacramento area is creating unique custom tools that have woodworkers, machinists and hobbyists excited about bringing them to market.

The tools are designed to quickly and precisely route circular grooves and drill holes in circular patterns. Using a revolutionary concept, the tools allow experts and beginners alike to easily rotate wood, plastic or other material around a center pin to achieve precise results.

Circle Perfect Tools in Rancho Cordova will launch a Kickstarter campaign Oct. 1 to help raise capital and begin taking preorders for the custom tools. The company was founded in 2013 by four family members, two of whom are veterans, one who is retired from the State of California and the other a computer programmer.

“I searched for a long time for tools that I could use to help turn my 2-D drawings into 3-D artwork, but the existing tools fell short of my particular needs, so I designed my own.” said Dennis Ruggiero, inventor and co-founder. “I soon realized I might have something other woodworkers might want and that is why we started Circle Perfect Tools.”

The diverse features and benefits of these tools include:

* Circle Guide for Router Table: This game-changing tool attaches to a standard router table giving the ability to cut circles from ½ inch up to 39 inches in diameter in increments of a 1/32 of an inch. The tool allows you to lock into pre-defined measurements for precise recall capabilities, as well as supports infinite variability for manual measurement settings. Unlike other circle guides, which require the operator to hold the router in hand and rotate it around the material, this tool allows the operator to rotate the material instead, which greatly improves stability, setup time, and operation.

* Circle Guide for Drill Press: Using the same center pin design, this tool attaches to a drill press and allows the operator to easily and precisely drill holes in circular patterns. Simply set the radial distance, drill, and then rotate. Lock into a pre-defined radial measurements for precise recall capabilities, or use infinite variability for manual measurement settings.

* Degree Scale: This handy tool can be used on its own as a compass, ruler, and protractor or used in conjunction with both Circle Guide tools. You can quickly draw circles, mark angles, or use as a visual guide to access the degrees of rotation when cutting or drilling.




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