Merillat offers online kitchen toolANN ARBOR, MI  – 

Merillat now offers a new online  “Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner” tool. Designed to guide homeowners through a customized planning process, the Merillat Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner helps them find the most appropriate styles, products and features for their lifestyles, and visualize their new kitchen choices in a virtual rendering that can be shared with their builder or local Merillat dealer.

“We know the Web is often the place where homeowners search for information and inspiration,” explained Susan Prater, director of marketing services for Merillat. “Our research also tells us that homeowners don't always think about how they are going to use their kitchens before making the investment to build or remodel. That’s why we created the Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner. Merillat wants to educate homeowners on how to make smarter kitchen design decisions to fit their lifestyles.”

Guiding the user through the planner with words of encouragement and insight is the Merillat brand ambassador, renowned chef Curtis Stone. The process is completed with six steps:

1. The homeowner creates or logs into their IdeaFolio account so their project can be saved, changed and shared.
2. The homeowner decides on a style style and saves the kitchens he likes best.
3. The door style is decided, including, wood species, finish and hardware.
4. Organization and accessories are determined.
5. Planning space: The homeowner reviews major considerations such as sink and faucet types, countertop materials and appliance options, all of which can affect the kitchen layout.
6. Choose the finishing touches, with cabinetry accents like corbels and crown moulding, not to mention paint color, flooring and countertops.

Posted by Karen Koeni

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