KENNER, LA -- Technical information on  maximum span capabilities for using southern pine to make joists and rafters in available on the Southern Forest Products Association's (SFPA) website:

The southern pine span tables are based on the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau’s (SPIB) proposed design values for visually graded dimension lumber. The seven tables list spans for the most common loading conditions. Also available on the site is a series of bar graphs comparing Southern Pine spans – for No.1 and No.2, 2x6 through 2x12 – with hem fir and spruce-pine-fir. L

SFPA President Adrian Blocker said,“The impacts that proposed design values from SPIB will have on Southern Pine span capabilities have been one of the most-often asked questions. SFPA is here to serve our members’ customers and help the dialog progress to a better understanding of the design value development process and the resulting data.”

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