SEATTLE --, the home search network for homeowners and home professionals, has raised over $65 million in funding from investment partners. In two years Porch has raised $100 million in total funding.

The funding will be used to finance continue infrastructure growth in 2015 and develop  products for the home improvement, home maintenance and home buying industry. Porch will begin rolling out nationally the ability for homeowners to book the best professionals at pre-negotiated prices through Porch Booking, a feature of the Porch App. With this offering Porch will provide an end-to-end marketplace where Porch processes the transaction and guarantees the services behind the best professionals who have been thoroughly vetted in each city.

In December 2014 Porch announced the national release of the Porch App for iOS that gives homeowners direct access to a personal Porch Concierge to help find the best professionals for any home project.

Over the last 12 months Porch has seen revenues increase over 1,000 percent and members have increased over 1,000 percent.

In 2014 Porch extended its network to include 3.2 million professionals and representing over $2.5 trillion in home improvement spending.

The full list of most popular professionals searched for in 2014 within the United States and across all major regions of the country:

Most popular searches in the United States:

1. Painter

2. Plumber

3. Handyman

4. Electrician

5. Roofer

6. General Contractor

7. Landscaper

8. Carpenter

9. Handyman Service

10. HVAC Contractor

In addition to painters, plumbers and handyman ranked high given the yearlong consistency homeowners have for their services. Whether homeowners need help with projects like appliance installation, pipe repairs, or water heater maintenance, plumbers are a need that every homeowner is likely to encounter along their home journey. On a similar note, handymen and handywomen are often called about to help homeowners complete numerous projects around the home.

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