Closet Design Predictions for 2014
December 16, 2013 | 11:40 am CST

Closet Design Predictions for 2014Predictions for closet trends in the New Year run the gamut from the already popular modern, urban and multifunctional designs with the primary goal of maximizing space in smaller living areas. Many individuals are choosing a faster-paced, sophisticated urban lifestyle and leaving large footprint suburban homes for small lofts and condos near downtown areas.

Closet design is accommodating this move to smaller and simpler spaces by creating minimalist, visually appealing closets that highlight the owner’s favorite clothing and shoes and accessories. The concept behind this trend in design is closet curation as noted by Closet Factory. The homeowner “buys less but more strategically” allowing closet designers to create more modest but aesthetically pleasing walk-in or reach-in closets.

Additional trends for 2014 closet design include the use of Murphy Beds to create multifunctional spaces, embedded LED lighting, sliding doors, floating shelving, textured cabinetry and mixed materials — metal and glass, as well as earth-toned finishes with a pop of bright, neon colors.

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