Powered Rotary Brush Clean-Off Station

Accu-Router Inc. introduces a new CNC router cell option called the Accu-Sweeper, a powered rotary brush clean-off station that will clean off residual sawdust from a carrier or bleeder panel after cut parts have been removed. The powered brush rotates in the upsweep direction of the panel motion across the unit, and sawdust is swept up into the three baffle dust hood over the brush for efficient dust collection, the company says.

The Accu-Sweeper is height adjustable on both sides to pinpoint the desired height for maximum efficiency, and will fit over a 48-in.-wide auxiliary flotation ball table. The unit is made for use with 4-ft. by 8-ft. machine tables. Accu-Router also offers a 5-ft.-wide model and other sizes are available.


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