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Hardwoods Specialty Products
AWFS Fair Booth #1846
Hardwoods Specialty Products introduces O2 Bamboo veneer and solid panels. O2 Bamboo veneer and solid panels are available certified 100% FSC and made with no-added formaldehyde. There are 1,300 species of bamboo, 500 of them occupying 34% of China’s forest land. The species used in 02 Bamboo is “Phyllostachys Pubescens,” also known as Mao or Moso bamboo, and grows in China’s largest bamboo forest where it has been harvested as a wood alternative for thousands of years. It is available in vertical and horizontal patterns, in both natural and carbonized color through any of the company’s 26 distribution centers in North America. (604) 881-1988,

About Hardwoods Specialty Products

Established over fifty years ago, Hardwoods is the largest wholesale distributor of quality hardwood lumber, plywood, specialty sheet goods and overlay products in North America.  Our sales and marketing facilities throughout North America are focused on meeting the specific needs of millwork, cabinet, furniture and specialty manufactures.  Our depth of knowledge, access to worldwide hardwood products and customer focus means superior service, unparalleled selection and consistent quality products

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