Delcam has added 130 extra reliefs to the range of standard clip-art supplied with its ArtCAM Express software for engraving and woodworking, including architectural, floral, frame and texture examples. The extensive clip-art library is a key part in making ArtCAM Express the easiest to learn engraving and routing program currently available, says the company. New customers can use the library to create their first models simply by pasting items into their designs. All the clip-art items can be scaled, copied or combined to give complete designs. The software includes a range of 2D drawing tools for creating both geometric and free-form shapes, and also for editing and repairing imported 2D files. To help visualise the designs, they can be rendered in numerous materials, including different types of wood, such as mahogany or maple, complete with wood-grain direction. ArtCAM Express offers a variety of strategies for CNC machining. (877)335-2261.  ArtCAMexpress.com.


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