AWFS Fair Presentations by Woodworking Network
June 5, 2013 | 9:35 pm UTC
2013 AWFS Fair Shows Growth in Attendance and Exhibitors

Industry education is very important to Woodworking Network, the umbrella of Wood Products, Custom Woodworking Business and Closets magazines and websites. Here are some of the sessions in which we are involved. Also at the show, read WWN’s AWFS Today for the latest news and information.

July 25 Through the CWWK, Introduction to Closet Systems, Designs, Manufacturing & Sales takes place 11-12:30. Associate Publisher Rich Christianson and Dave Skinner of the ACSP shed light on the affinity between cabinets and closet systems, and how cabinetmakers can implement a strategy to improve profits in this area.

July 25 A free session, Women in Woodworking takes place at noon in the AWFS Theatre. Join this panel discussion and networking” event to talk about the challenges and advantages women hold within the wood products industries. Moderated by Laurel Didier, Woodworking Network publisher.

July 26 Through the CWWK, Smart Marketing Despite Changing Conditions takes place from 11-12:30. Moderated by Editor Karen Koenig, the session features firms from Wood Products’ “WOOD 100” who have elevated their companies despite the changing environment. Speakers include Lary Skow, vice president of sales & marketing at Northern Contours, Christiane Erwin, CEO of Crestview Doors, and David Weissman, owner of Oak Pointe LLC.

July 26 Hear some of the Amazing Woodworking Stories from at this free session hosted by Bill Esler, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director. Held at noon in the AWFS Theatre, stories range from a custom furniture maker whose DNA identified Richard III bones, to tall wooden buildings, and even wooden vehicles: a plywood Ferrari; a bamboo bicycle; wood bicycles; and a maple motorcycle.

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