Cabinetry Fit for a King
October 9, 2013 | 4:13 pm CDT

Cabinetry Fit for a KingSure, most everyone has fantasized about what life might be like for the British Royal Family: the pampering, the  lavishness, the power. But who has thought about what Prince Charles' kitchen cabinets look like? Well, we all may be closer to knowing, as the monarch will be releasing his own DIY line of eco-friendly cabinetry produced by Plain English Furniture.

Prince Charles first teamed up with Plain English for a green model house in 2011 through his Prince's Foundation sustainability program. The cabinets used in the project caught his eye, so he requested they start work on a more affordable version of the pieces for public consumption.

Two years later  and the line of cabinetry--called British Standard--is now available. The cabinets are totally customized, coming in various sizes and styles that include tall, wall and floor. They come in eggshell, which makes it easy to paint over in a desirable color. The work top surfaces come in iroko, oak or sycamore wood.

But more importantly, they are made with the the highest of green standards, according to Plain English, only using sustainable material. Since, after all, that's the only reason Prince Charles got into the project; to give consumers a place to put their pots and pans that won't hurt the environment.

Cabinetry Fit for a KingWhile none are at the level of royalty, other public entities are getting into the furniture business. Late last year, uber-hunk Brad Pitt, a collector of  modernist furniture, threw his name in the home furnishings hat when he announced a partnership with Pollaro furniture to produce a variety of tables, beds, chairs and other items for the public.

Sultry "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara signed a multi-year licensing deal with Rooms To Go for a line of dining room, living room and bedroom furnishings. Rooms To Go furniture also has a similar deal with model Cindy Crawford.

Celebrities have always had an 'I can do anything' complex. Actors try to be singers, singers try to be actors, etc. At least this latest trend of celebrity ventures will give us some kitchen storage space or a nice stool to sit on.

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