Manufacturing applications for "augmented reality" - a trending technology for consumers that has edged closer to the factory floor - will be presented November 5 during the WMS Conference, part of the Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo 2015 in Toronto Nov. 5-7. 

Seen in consumer markets from IKEA catalogs to automobile dashboards, the approach has now been adapted to machine training, and design-for-manufacture. 

The session "Augmented Reality in Woodworking," presented at 9:00 a.m. on Nov. 5, will include two components:

1.) Mimbus Wood-Ed training system - presented jointly by Wes Love, president of Taurus Craco, and  Arnaud Bastard, CEO of Mimbus. Wood Ed, a woodworking machinery virtual reality training system, introduced at LIGNA 2015 in Germany, is being distributed in North America by Taurus Craco Machinery. Developed by Mimbus, the training system provides a safe yet realistic approximation of woodworking machinery for training new equipment users. It makes it North American debut at WMS 2015.

Planit Canada's Vortek Experience 

2.) Vortek Experience 3D Design Presentation System - presented by Peter Mate, president, Planit Canada. Client expectations about visual presentations have kept up with the increasing quality of computer-generated graphics. The Vortek Experience multi-screen technology allows the designer or client to enter the kitchen or other room, and through gestures, test a variety of colors and finishes, and other cabinetry configurations.  In response to the difficulty experienced by small to medium-size woodworking shops to keep up with 3D demands, Planit Canada worked with Arcane Technologies to offer Vortek CVS, a PC version of the beefier big brother, Vortek Experience. 

Because Wood-Ed and Planit are exhibiting at WMS 2015 in Toronto, conference attendees will be able to see the technology in action on the show floor. 




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