Woodworker transforms his 6-year-old son's drawing into real furniture
"On this episode I take my son's drawing and turn it into a real, functioning piece of furniture," says woodworker and YouTuber Chris Salomone.
"Seeing (his drawing) made me think of one of those drawings where a professional artist fancies up a kid's drawing of monsters," he says in his video. 
Salamone is a successful YouTuber, having amassed 473,000 subscribers and more than 28 million page views since he created his channel in 2012. Check it out here.
"I still used a lot of proper woodworking techniques to build this project, even though the final outcome might not appear that way.
"The trick with this build is that I didn't want to just do a really quick and bad job," Salomone says. "Even though in the end it has to look kind of weird and messed up, it has to look like it was done on purpose." To achieve that look, "my idea was to build it really nice and square similar to how I would build any piece of furniture, and then after...remove material to achieve that...drawn look."
His son's reaction to the finished piece is pretty funny. 
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