Woodworking and YouTube all-star Frank Howarth shows how he built his woodshop. Check it out above.

Howarth is the creator of the bamboo Death Star and turner of the wooden eyeball. His videos are extremely popular on YouTube and are favorites on Woodworking Network.

Howarth describes the shop building process:

"We decided to move from our previous home for a variety of reasons.  I saw the move as an opportunity to gain a bigger shop for my woodworking hobby. The house we found had everything we wanted, except for a shop or even a garage. 

We started this project by transforming our side yard to gain access to the pool in the backyard.  Once we had access, we took out the pool. We half filled the hole where the pool was with compacted gravel.  I realized that if we sank the shop into the ground I could have the ceiling height I had always wanted in the shop and preserve the view from the house.  The design of the shop is a box with a shed roof.  The roof wraps down the east side of the structure. I like to think of it as a slightly open toolbox. The entire shop is laid out on a 24-inch grid. The windows and doors fall within this grid. I had a general contractor built the shell and then I built the windows and interior.

The interior walls are comprised of a 34-inch concrete stem wall at the base. Above that is a 9 foot, plywood wall. In the space above the plywood wall and below the shed roof is polycarbonate panel to form a clerestory. The tool layout in the shop is divided into 4 areas: an area near the door for material storage and prep, a central area for general woodworking, and two areas near the back of the shop, one for turning and one for metal working."

Take a tour of the finished woodshop here.

In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4 - May the Fourth be with you), Howarth constructed a wooden Death Star – and filmed the process in timelapse.
Howarth built the bamboo death star using a CNC, a lathe, and conventional equipment - filming the entire process in timelapse.

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