Watch the multi-faceted and extremely talented Frank Howarth build a motor mount and belt cover for his surface sanding machine.

"In this project, I lift the drum sander’s motor up and move it closer to the shaft of the drum," Howarth says. "In doing this, I shorten the belts between the motor and the drum. I mounted the motor on an adjustable platform that allows me to adjust the tension on the belts. I also built a cover for the belts."

Howarth is the creator of the bamboo Death Star and turner of the wooden eyeball. His videos are extremely popular on YouTube and are favorites on Woodworking Network.
In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4 - May the Fourth be with you), Howarth constructed a wooden Death Star – and filmed the process in timelapse.
Howarth built the bamboo death star using a CNC, a lathe, and conventional equipment - filming the entire process in timelapse.
He also turned a wooden eyeball from maple, cherry, birch, walnut, and ebony; and turned a segmented walnut & redheart bowl. 

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