YouTuber and Instructables Community Manager Mike Warren has created a unique and stunning table using photoluminescent (glow) powder and clear casting resign to fill the naturally formed voids in Pecky Cypress hardwood. The glow powder takes in sunlight - emitting a blue glow.
"Placing this table near a window will allow it to collect rays from the setting sun and then set off a pleasant glow from the transition from twilight to evening," says Warren. "Making your own is fun as you can customize it in any way you want. Instead of using hardwood you can use the technique of adding glow powder to resin to cast in all kinds of fun ways."
Pecky Cypress is regular cypress that has been naturally damaged by fungal growth, causing sections of the wood to rot. Those sections can be easily removed to create cavities in the wood - cavities Warren says are perfect for filling with resin and glow powder.
Check out the full Instructables here.


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