Fiddle & Hammer is a Milwaukee-based furniture company dedicated to the creation of handmade heirloom quality furniture.  
"Made from the best materials possible, traditional joinery, and a modern aesthetic, the work expresses a love of wood, music, and a rich industrial past," says owner Jordan Waraksa. Originally a sculptor and violinist, Waraksa says he looks to the furniture he creates to blend mediums which can be seen and heard to create an experience one can feel.  
“When chosen tools do more than create, they inspire, they sing – a Fiddle and Hammer,” he says. In addition to the striking furniture, notable also is the Bellaphone, a wood resonator that amplifies the sound of an iPhone naturally. Made from reclaimed whiskey and tequila barrels, the Bellaphone Number 7 is made of fumed oak; the Bellaphone Number 3 &4 are made of preuvian walnut and redwood.

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