Timothy Wilmots, the craftsman who built the transforming, six-function shop cart that we covered last week, is posting a video series showing how he built his cart. Check it out above.
The custom-built shop cart from the Belgian furniture maker is a height-adjustable assembly table, a glue-up table, a panel cart, a Festool-inspired dog-hold bench, a drying rack, and a mobile shop cart - all in one.
Wilmots began building the MFSC (Multi-Function Shop Cart) three years ago, seeking a mobile shop fixture "designed to assist woodworkers all along the construction of a piece of furniture, from the first to the last step."
"All these designs exist and can be made/bought," Wilmots writes. "But in my production oriented shop I would have needed two of each to be really useful, that would have cost a fortune and I didn't have the room anyway because then we're talking about at least 10 different carts/workbenches."


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