Bench Dog Collective is a group of makers in Hamilton, Ontario. We make wood goods of all kinds: furniture, jewelry, custom builds, and more. We have a small wood-working studio near Gage Park, where most of the action takes place.


Dock6 Collective's 30,000 SqFt Plant

Group access for six businesses to a CNC router, wide belt sander and other machinery.

Benchdog Collective began in July 2013, when a few friends who wanted to make things from wood, lacked access to much-needed space. Not too much later, we stumbled upon an available, affordable (and small) space near Gage Park, in a large artists’ building.

The space itself impressed us with its post-industrial appeal, foot-thick flooring, and an elevator that we could joyride at will. We decided to settle in a basement unit, not because we like dark, damp corners, but so that our noisy work wouldn’t interfere with the music studios on the main floor of the building.

And so, Benchdog Collective became more than just a conversation: it became attached to a physical creative space, which truly propelled our ideas for collaborative building. Over the months, our shop has shaped up nicely. Outfitted with most of our basic tools, we are all actively working on projects of varying nature - we will post these projects here often.

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