solid wood


Tell me your wood stories

Q. Can you give me an interesting story about wood? I have to give a talk to some children and want something interesting to begin with.


Tensionwood color

Q. We are seeing erratic coloring in our oak when finishing with stains. We also recently have seen this fuming too. Will all the wood from one log have the same color behavior? What causes this stark variation?


Anatomy of a glue joint

Q. We attended your seminar on gluing with Jeff Pitcher. We think that our problem is with the wood surfaces. Can you quickly review those comments?


UK Designer Grows Complete Furniture Pieces

 Gavin Munro has grown his business literally from the ground up.  “We’ve taken a complete rethink of how wood is used as a material,” says Munro, a furniture designer and owner of Full Grown, an ecological, zero-waste producer of wood furniture.Instead of traditional methods — harvesting trees, milling, shaping and assembling the wood into furniture —   “We’ve bypassed that completely and we now grow trees directly into the shapes and forms that we want,” he says.