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Miami Nation Tribe Funds Ex-Cardell Cabinetry CEO BJ Tidwell

First Nation Cabinets has been formed by Miami Nation Enterprises, the investment arm of the Miami Tribe based in Oklahoma. The group acquired Z Cabinetry in San Antonio, TX, and has partnered with ex-Cardell Cabinetry CEO B.J. Tidwell to operate its large scale kitchen cabinet plant.

Trending: Bosch Safety-stop Saw and Mag-Lev Furniture

Bosch's surprise launch of a joobsite table saw that stops instantly if the blade senses flesh was among the most viewed items. But a video and story of a magnetic-levitating design for a mappa burl shelf and table was the most popular wood industry report.

Cardell Cabinetry Bankruptcy Creditor Claims Due by May 19

Cardell Cabinetry creditors have until May 19, 2014 to file claims against the bankrupt kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Separately, creditors Valendrawers, Hardwoods of Michigan, and PAVEN Inc. will depose Wells Fargo Bank, seeking discovery of any assets of Cardell not yet disclosed.