#10 Enjoy Toronto. Relax and catch up with friends in the industry

#9 Get Free Stuff. Let’s face it...the exhibit floor is a great place to fill up a goody bag with exhibitor gifts

#8 Catch Up on Wood Industry Trends and Best Practices -- from industry leaders and wood professionals working in field every day -- during the Nov. 5 "Reboot Your Business"  conference and floor presentations

#7 Schedule Face-time with business partners and suppliers. Even in this digital environment, there’s no better way to catch-up -- or size-up-- a business partner then meeting in person

#6 Weigh Your Options. With over 100 exhibitors, be sure you are working with the best-for-your-business by checking out top companies in wood machinery and finishing equipment & supplies

#5 Test-drive wood machinery and tools

#4 Network. Find new suppliers…who can lead you to new customers

#3 See New Products and Technology. Find new ways to enhance your product offering or operate more efficiently

#2 Build Your Bottom Line. Featuring over 100 exhibitors, a wood industry conference and floor presentations, WMS is a “one-stop” opportunity to enhance your business, see new products and technology in action, establish new customer and supplier relationships and build your business in the wood industry

#1 You Won’t Have This Opportunity Again until 2017! Don't Miss Out!

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