Surfaces can be designed with a number of different effects, meaning that sanding alone won't always be effective. Customers are looking for customized, distinctive surfaces that allow carpenters to create exclusive distinguishing features. As a consequence, carpenters also face the challenge of processing three-dimensional surfaces.

To provide an answer to this requirement, Homag has developed a new planetary cassette for its flexible and multipurpose U unit.

The fields of application include edge rounding on unprocessed or profiled workpieces, the structuring of surfaces or the removal of erect chamfers in preparation for painting. The planetary cassette can be used with the Sandteq sanding machines from Homag from series W-300.

The cassette is inserted into the machine via the multipurpose unit. It is designed so that it can be changed quickly. The cassettes are detected in the machine automatically.

The planetary cassette can work in multiple directions.
Both the sanding lamella plates and the planetary disks rotate in the direction of the user’s choice and the entire cassette oscillates. Combined with three movement circuits, this dynamic creates the unique sanding pattern. This makes the cassette the a good way to process three-dimensional workpieces such as windows, doors or frames.

Depending on the application, the entire cassette can be equipped with different but standardized sanding elements, including: sanding lamella plates, hook-and-loop plates for sanding disks, hook-and-loop plates for nonwoven web, stranded wire structuring plates, anderlon structuring plates or a mix of Tampico/SiC. See


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