ORLANDO, Fla. - Epicor LBM User Conference, Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced the new version of Epicor LumberTrack, a comprehensive business software solution for lumber and wood products manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The updates to LumberTrack software give customers better access and flexibility to utilize the software's deep industry functionality.
“The Epicor LumberTrack team is phenomenal, they understand the industry and want our business to succeed—their goal is to help us be more successful,” said Christy Biron, Administrative Services Manager, Patrick Lumber Company.
Epicor LumberTrack software is used by top wood products producers, small specialty manufacturers, value-added remanufacturers, distributors, and buying groups. Over the years, Epicor has added many advanced features and capabilities to the LumberTrack solution in response to market changes and customer needs. "The Epicor LumberTrack software team has always been responsive to its customers," said Garnet Gracey, manager of application development, Interfor. "I commend Epicor for their close relationship with their customers and for prioritizing the product improvements that are most relevant to its users."
New features and enhancements available soon for LumberTrack software include:
  • Random Detail Pricing for Hardwood
  • Updated FiberTrack User Interface
  • Paperless Process for Log Deliveries
  • Greater flexibility for viewing and updating inventory
  • GL and AP Interfaces to QuickBooks
  • Unmanned Shipping Check-In / Check-Out Kiosk
  • Customizable business intelligence tools
Every business is different, and has its own needs and challenges. Epicor LumberTrack software makes it easy for business owners to get the specific information they need to thrive in today's competitive business environment. The solution includes business intelligence (BI) tools that can be customized to report the most critical pieces of information. LumberTrack software also offers user-defined fields that can be customized and used to track any piece of information.
"LumberTrack software allows us to make better decisions," said Greg Baumgartner, IT director, Stimson Lumber Company. "It gives us consistent information that enables our entire team to use the same processes from production all the way through to finance."
Flexibility for an improved customer experience
Epicor continues to invest in making business easier for clients that use LumberTrack software. The newly added APIs allow outside programs to interact with the LumberTrack database to create and revise transactions. This allows clients to integrate other applications with their core business functions within LumberTrack software. For example, users can now send accepted orders from their Request for Quote (RFQ) systems directly to LumberTrack for fulfillment and invoicing.
"Sales are up, I think that is a reflection of the software," said Christy Biron, administrative services manager, Patrick Lumber Company. "We're not spending time getting physical files from storage—all the information is there in LumberTrack software. We can now process more and be more profitable."
LumberTrack software also offers advanced client-specific editing capabilities. This feature allows users to add their business rules to the application in order to prevent other users from performing invalid functions. For instance, the software can automatically check to make sure margins and shipping costs are within acceptable tolerances.
"Invoicing is a critical part of the customer experience, and invoicing errors can be catastrophic to a business relationship," said Gracey. "At Interfor, we take the invoicing process very seriously—in the past, we dedicated a significant portion of our Sales Support staff's time to reviewing invoices for errors. Now with the User Exit feature, we are able to automate this process and prevent mistakes before they happen. This has dramatically reduced the number of invoices that need to be reviewed by a human and allows us to redirect that time to more productive tasks." 
Other new applications and modules for LumberTrack include:
  • LumberTrack Advanced Financial Amounts - allows core financial accruals to be fully automated
  • LumberTrack Picking for Android - Android mobile application that replaces Windows Mobile RF handhelds for picking
  • LumberTrack Tally for Android - Android mobile application that replaces Windows Mobile End Tally/Volume Tally applications
"In response to changing business processes and goals, we have enhanced LumberTrack software with the capabilities wood products manufacturers and wholesale distributors need to operate most efficiently," said Ryan Filek, product manager, LumberTrack, Epicor Software. "For instance, as more and more of our customers add web and mobile aspects to their businesses, we are constantly making improvements to LumberTrack software that focus on those key areas, and more. With the new functionality in the LumberTrack solution, businesses will be able to better analyze and optimize operations to reduce costs and maximize their return on inventory investment."
Epicor LumberTrack software is a powerful ERP system designed to help manufacturers and wholesalers of softwood and hardwood lumber and other wood products such as treated wood, panel products, and remanufactured products streamline business operations. With real-time visibility into inventory, demand and production, LumberTrack software has the capabilities, business intelligence and analysis tools to successfully optimize operations for higher growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. 

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