A new exoskeleton allows factory workers to sit down whenever they want, wherever they want.

The exoskeleton from Swiss design firm Sapetti, named the “Chairless Chair”, is designed for manufacturing environments, providing factory workers the option to sit as needed.

The Chairless Chair allows its users to walk around freely, providing instant support when they need to get into a bending, squatting or crouching position.


Next generation wood industry managers confront workforce issues

Challenges include reshaping corporate culture, interfacing to customers, and facilitating the adoption of new technologies for Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing. 

Sapetti designed the exoskeleton for Swiss company Noonee, a supplier of wearable ergonomic mechatronic devices.

"With the Chairless Chair, Noonee's clients can not only improve the ergonomic environment for their employees, by improving body posture, but also solve and prevent certain occupational health and safety challenges, and provide age-appropriate working conditions for their aging employees," said Sapetti founder Marc Sapetti.


New powder coating chemistries broaden applications

Powder coating chemistries, long used in finishing metal parts, have seen new developments that allow these dry spray-on powders to fuse to MDF and other wood materials at lower temperatures.

Fully adjustable to suit different heights and girths, the chair aims to reduce the number of instances where employees feel physical strain and reduce the pain caused by repetitive movements.

The chair features a small switch that locks the device at the knees. Small knobs at the heels take weight off workers’ knees, bringing physical pain to a minimum. 

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