SULLIVAN, Mo. - Executive Wood Products, a Missouri-based maker of bullet resistant lecterns and podiums, allowed Fox 2 news cameras to put its panels to the test.
The video, available on Fox news websites, showed a professional shooting bullets from various weapons at the panels - none of which were even detectable on the other side of the panel.
The rolling hardwood panels are capable of stopping an AK-47 or even a sniper rifle, says the company.
The 4x6 panels can be quickly rolled to block a door or window, and can even stop AK-47s and sniper rifles. If an active shooter situation were to occur, students and teachers can hide safely behind the panels. 
The $2,600 panels, capped in choices of solid cherry, maple, oak, walnut or mahogany, feature a tackable, fabric-covered core panel to blend in as normal office furniture. On the reverse side of the panels, a whiteboard marker board is concealed.
Executive Wood sells its anti-ballistic panels to the government every day, it says. But since the company introduced the panels for schools back in February, not a single school has expressed interest in buying. The company told Fox that schools don't seem to believe a shooting will happen to them.
Executive Wood Products has one manufacturing location in Sullivan, Missouri where it manufactures bullet-resistant lecterns and furniture for schools, universities, hotels, government agencies, banks, individual consumers, and more. The company applies a high volume low pressure finish to its products and hand sands between coats.

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