“We are planning to ramp up our marketing and sales efforts to better connect with our customers that we won't get to see in person at IWF,” said Thermwood Corp.’s Duane Marrett. “We are planning to produce a series of videos featuring our Cut Ready Cut Center and other CNC routers that highlight the capabilities of each, as well as giving tips and tricks to help with tooling, fixturing and assembling.

“We don't have any specific online events planned yet, but are certainly not opposed to the idea. We are always available to consult in the form of web demos/videos/time studies and in-person demonstrations.”  

Marrett said that Thermwood is open for business, and ready to work on potential customer's projects to prove how their CNC equipment can machine customer applications more efficiently and with a significant cost savings. Thermwood is also ready to welcome customers to their Dale, Indiana, headquarters for in-person demonstrations, or use the web to stream live demonstrations if that is a better option.

At IWF, Thermood had initially planned to demonstrate their Cut Ready Cut Center that allows users to make virtually anything a cabinet shop would want to make, with no programming required. They were also planning to show the heavy-duty Model 45 (composites, plastics, nested base, aluminum, non-ferrous metal and wood) and the high-performance Model 43.

“The Cut Center would really have been the star of our show,” Marrett said. “Once people see it in action, and understand how easy it is to operate, they love it. It walks the operator through the entire process, using a touch-screen interface to easily select and configure what they want to make. It keeps track of all maintenance items (lubrication, tooling, filters, etc.), and handles selecting the correct tool and nesting the sheets for maximum efficiency. It also automatically prints labels for each part, as well as a diagram to apply them.”

Marrett said that Thermwood is willing to help out any way they can.

“We have several customers whom we have worked with to help design PPE files to make on their Thermwood CNC routers (Bednark in Brooklyn, New York is one), and have also loaned out a couple of our machines (Cut Ready 43 and Model 45) to other customers to handle their overflow in PPE production due to the virus.”

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aJdeerkONE&t=1s

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