A marvel of German engineering is once again upon us - this time it's a truck that divides in half to better transport long logs.
"In Central Europe in particular, the transport of long and heavy logs on mountainous terrain, narrow forest paths and serpentines is a daily challenge for the transporter," says Ratioplus developer Doll Fahrzeugbau. 
When it's headed to the jobsite and unloaded, the truck is compact. At the jobsite, the driver gets out and hops onboard the crane. 
He then unloads the truck's second-half, which is carried on the back. 
The driver then grabs a log, placing it on the second-half. 
And then the genius part - he then drives the second-half via remote control away from him, creating the necessary space to transport the log. The rest of the logs are then loaded the same way.
Logs are then lashed together and the crane is folded back up. 
Check out a video of the process below:

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