As our tools get more integrated with technology the ability to cut down on human error continues to grow. While ideas and designs are still formed with the mind, and hands, of woodworkers, these new ‘smart tools’ let us save time and improve shop efficiency.
We are moving closer and closer to the age of measure once, cut once. 
With this in mind, I recently came across the Autoset. Billed as the "The Smart Miter Saw Fence”, this forward facing technology solution is determined to help you with your cut precision. 
Three things you should know about Autoset:
1. Workflow - Autoset addresses the full workflow of measuring and cutting, and is at least 50 percent faster than manual cutting, even faster when you're making many cuts on an imported list. You can import a list as a spreadsheet, manually, or with a Bluetooth measuring device. Then when you go to cut, there's no measuring or marking, aligning, or re-aligning.
2. Flexibility - Autoset is portable for use in the field, but it's also easy to mount to a fixed table or stand. It can mount to either side of the saw, and the rails come in 4' sections that attach to each other. If you need more than the standard 8', you can get extra rail. If you need a shorter rail for a project, there's no need to set up the entire length. 
3. Price - Autoset is priced for the woodworking and construction markets, unlike other automated stops. At launch, the expected MSRP is $650. Now on Kickstarter, you can pre-order for as little as $399. 
To learn more about Autoset and to check out their live Kickstarter campaign - check it out here Autoset Kickstarter Page
I have to say that with all I've seen so far on the Autoset I'm very intrigued. I'll be getting my hands on my very own soon, so stay tuned for the review.

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