WCMA: Wood Components Buyer's Guide 2018-2019


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Membership in WCMA is more important than ever

The Wood Component Manufacturers Association provides advocacy, industry promotion and networking opportunities to help North American components and dimension producers grow their business.
By Amy Snell

Dates set for WCMA wood components conference, plant tours

Each year, the WCMA conducts its flagship event, the Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event. The Fall Conference presents an excellent opportunity for WCMA members and non-members to network and have open discussion on common concerns. Attendees also tour the production facilities of several dimension, component, cabinet, furniture, millwork, and related woodworking companies.

10 reasons to outsource dimension stock & wood components

1. Outsourced components can cost less than producing in-house. 2. You do not have to have the manufacturing capabilities or space in your own shop. 3. It allows you to take advantage of others’ expertise in design and manufacturing. 4. It can increase your productivity and efficiency in other areas. 5. It saves you time, allowing you to focus on more important things. 6. Outsourcing can reduce your capital expenditures.