The new Worx 20V MaxLithium Switchdriver has a rotating head equipped with two ¼-inch chucks that can be loaded with different combinations of drill or driver bits. This allows the user to drill a pilot hole, for example, and then quickly rotate the head to switch chucks and sink the screw with a driver bit.
Switchdriver’s two ¼- in. chucks rotate 180º clockwise or counterclockwise with the push of a red button located just above the trigger. Both quick-release chucks accept standard hex-shaped bits.
Switchdriver has been shown to drill pilot holes and drive screws in half the time as a conventional drill/driver. Drilling pilot holes makes screws go in easier and straighter, says the company. It also prevents workpieces from splitting or cracking, and guards against bent or stripped fasteners, as well as rounded-out screw heads.
Switchdriver is ideal for woodworking projects that involve switching between a countersink and driver bit, says Worx. It’s also handy for installing shelves, curtain rods or blinds with drywall anchors. Other typical applications include installation of kitchen or bathroom hardware, hinges and door sets, as well as assembly projects requiring different bits, including Phillips, slotted, square recess, Torx and nut drivers.
Switchdriver allows proper bits to be determined ahead of time and pre-loaded for continuous operation.
Powered by a capable 20V MaxLithium battery with a 5-hour recharge time, the drill/driver features and 11-position clutch with electronic torque control to prevent stripping of screws. A two-speed gearbox provides no-load speeds of 0-400 and 0-1500 rpm. Maximum torque is 265 in.-lbs. The tool’s drilling capacity is 1-3/16 in. in wood and 3/8 in. in mild steel.
Although Switchdriver is a heavy-duty performer, it’s still a bantam-weight at only 3 lbs. (with battery). The cordless drill/driver features a comfortable overmold grip on the front and back of the handle. There’s also a vertical guard beneath the headstock that shields the user’s hand from contact with the second bit.
A built-in LED light above the chuck illuminates the work area when the trigger is pressed. The 20V MaxLithium battery pack is part of the WORX 20V Power Share program and can be used interchangeably with WORX diy and lawn-and-garden tools.

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