Joshua Farnsworth teaches fundamentals of selecting wood, and "how not to sound like an idiot at the lumberyard." His Wood and Shop channel brings traditional and well-known woodworker guests, to teach traditional hand tool woodworking tutorials. Joshua also shares tours of  handcraft woodworking shops, including the period recreation shop at Colonial Wiliamsburg.
Says Farnsworth: "When I first got started in woodworking one of the things that confused me the most was choosing lumber. I didn't know how to choose stable wood. I didn't know hardwood, or softwood. I didn't know what "board feet" meant. It was so confusing. After all these years of woodworking I learned all those things, but I want to save you all that time and teach you the basics so that you can actually get out to your lumber yard or to your local mall and choose lumber without looking like a dummy."

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