The response couldn't be more clear: In countless conversations and presentations at the Schelling industry booth at LIGNA, experts were convinced by this innovative saw concept for single production run manufacturing. And they ordered the product, too. Schelling was also able to display attractive feed solutions in the production hall, which also met with a great response from the expert audience.

The fact that saws from Schelling are the leader of the pack in terms of single production run technology was impressively proved at LIGNA. "The saw technology simply and impressively provides more precision, increased speed thanks to simple processes, less scrap, dust, and noise simultaneously at less power consumption," summarises Schelling Marketing Director Thomas Gsellmann with regard to the most recent exhibition presentation.

Cut boards to size individually The new Schelling ls 1 achieves new levels of productivity, e.g. for kitchen manufacturers, who work with individualised offers. In cases where each kitchen needs to be produced according to the personal specifications of the end customer, mass production and stack processing is passé. Digital kitchen planning is translated into arts lists and cut plans. Each part is sawn individually and fully automatically.

A challenge in this case is presented by the constantly changing boards in diverse, often expensive qualities, colours, and textures. Other challenges include guaranteed high degree of board recycling in spite of single production on the one hand, while constant utilisation of the saw is ensured on the other.

Compact truing wheel concept Different strategies trigger these tasks, for example the intelligent combination of area storage system and return feed of board scrap. The "turning wheel concept" was made visible at LIGNA. The latter ensures that the boards are able to be cut to size via multiple cuts.

In this case, the board and its parts run through the saw as often as is desirable for optimal recycling of the board. Third and fourth cuts are proof of maximum cost-effectiveness. Bonus effect: Because the system technically only requires one saw line, the saw may be practically utilised in continuous operation. The compact construction of the system is revolutionary, since it packs high technology and productivity into very little space.

Unmanned system for Häcker Kitchens Many essential detail improvements, for example brush tables instead of rollers, provide more process security and ensure precise implementation. Fully automation means unmanned operation.The truing wheel system presented in hall 26 is the core of a complex single production run system for kitchen manufacturer Häcker, the third-largest in the industry in Germany.

Schelling, LIGNA 2015
Mitre and cut-to-size saw s 45

fh 4 and fh 5 with stationary motor The core of this system features the proven Schelling cut-to-size saw fh 4. In any case, this now also features new specifications since LIGNA 2015: The fh 4 moves up one class and is now equipped with a stationary motor for all serial versions. Recently, it is also complemented with the fh 5, which closes the gap in terms of cutting performance, i.e. saw blade clearance, between the Schelling fh 6.

In production hall 11, Schelling also demonstrated that small companies can also profit from using Schelling technology. Productivity and flexibility were demonstrated with the Schelling s 45 in combination with a Barbaric brand feed device.

Cut boards to size with mitre cut: s 45 The s 45 is an all-round cut-to-size saw with mitre cut. It revolutionises the work processes involved with cutting board-shaped wood construction materials, since it not only cuts boards highly efficiently, it also simultaneously produces mitre cuts with an incline from zero to 46 degrees. The possible applications for you are almost limitless.

Besides completing many existing processes simpler and much more economical, it also opens up entirely new applications, markets and customer groups for many users.

Schelling considers the most recent presentation at LIGNA 2015, the world's leading exhibition for forestry and wood companies, a confirmation of its strategy for defending its market leadership in cut-to-size saw technology. Because quality, precision, and machine availability are the main criteria that persuade invested craftsmen and invested industrial operations. Positive exhibition reactions and order have impressively proved this one again.

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