Visionary New Product Awards were given to seven exhibiting companies at the recent AWFS Fair. The Visionary Award recognizes creativity and innovation, as well as leadership in green/environmental product development. Judges evaluated the entries based on quality, production impact, practicality, innovation and user-friendliness, with the winning products selected from 65 entries. 

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 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Product Innovation in Machinery over $50,000: Biesse America

President & CEO Federico Broccoli displays the Visionary Award Biesse America received for its AirForce Hot Air edgebanding technology. AirForce emits very forceful, very hot compressed air through a slot nozzle directly onto the reactive layer of laser banding, activating the layer and bonding the banding to the substrate.

 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Product Innovation: Bioformix

Bioformix says its Nexabond 2500 Instart Wood Adhesive is a high viscosity, water-free adhesive for assembling materials that require uniform stress distribution and high strength. The “Super Glue” is made without solvent, so components achieve high bonding strength in minutes because there is nothing to evaporate. Also, wood joints won’t swell, eliminating long dry times before finishing. Pictured with the award are (L-R): Joe DeSousa, group leader, Polymer Chemistry; Peter Stevenson, chemist; Adam Malofsky, president & CEO; and Ben Gringeri, engineer.

 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Green/Environmental Leadership in Finishing: Kremlin-Rexson, Exel North America

Kremlin’s EOS Pump with Airmix Xcite manual spray gun is for solvent and/or water-based materials, lacquers, varnishes, polyurethane, 2K, high solids, stains, and WB glues. The EOS comes in two pump ranges: 15-C25 and 30-C25. Partnering the EOS pump with the Xcite Airmix provides up to 86% transfer efficiency, Kremlin says. Rhonda Joslin is pictured with the award.

 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Product Innovation in Software: Mozaik

Mozaik’s Roger Taylor shows off the award for Mozaik CNC, a screen-to-machine software solution for cabinets, commercial casework, closets, furniture, and more. The company says a subscription to Mozaik CNC is only $125 per month, with no up-front costs and no other fees. The subscription includes updates, support, training videos, an online knowledge base and customer forums, and the link to the user’s CNC Router. Mozaik CNC seamlessly integrates with Sketchup, providing the tools needed to design and model most projects, according to the company.

 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Innovation & Productivity  in Power Tools: Senco

Dave Moore and Chris Klein display Senco’s award for its Duraspin integrated auto-feed screw system, which increases jobsite productivity by at least 30%. Available in corded and 18V Li-ion battery powered models, the tools drive screws from 1-3 inches long into hardwoods, drywall, composite and steel, and can be used for framing, cabinet installation, and more.

 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Product Innovation in Machinery Under $50,000: SNX Technologies

SNX Technologies received a Visionary Award for the Vitap Eclipse, a compact contour edgebander that offers versatility, simple operation and requires a minimal footprint in the shop, according to the company. The Eclipse comes with a trimming unit and is able to process large or small pieces without extra setup. It can work on straight or shaped (concave as well as convex) edges. Pictured are: (top row, L-R) Francesco Coli, Vitap; Mike Noelting, Craig Sexton, Ed Moran and Randy Stacy of SNX; and (bottom row, L-R) Massimo Frangiosa and Fabrizio Montanelli of Vitap.

 Wood Technology, Innovations Mark AWFS Visionary Awards

Green/Environmental Products: Graco Inc.

The ProMix PD2K from Graco introduces new levels of efficiency in an electronic two component proportioning system, the company says, delivering superior ratio accuracy while reducing waste from color changes and flushing by up to 80%. The ProMix PD2K works for all two-component materials and incorporates electronic fluid management, meaning there are no fluid regulators to flush and the user can maintain optimal transfer efficiency for a superior product finish.  Pictured with the award is Blake Justice.


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