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Portable Dust Collector

Oneida Air Systems introduces the new molded Mini Gorilla portable dust collector. The molded Mini Gorilla is an industrial quality, portable dust collector that is ideal for the woodworker who requires mobility of dust collection in his/her shop.  It operates on 3qty 360° non-marking casters, allowing the user to move it to each machine as dust collection is needed.  Like the other dust collection systems made by Oneida Air, the molded Mini Gorilla operates using cyclonic action to capture over 99% of dust, which could otherwise be potentially harmful as both a health and safety hazard. Standing 64 inches tall and weighing only 85 lbs, the molded Mini Gorilla is constructed from a heavy duty, static conductive resin, and boasts a 30% weight reduction as compared to Oneida Air's original Mini Gorilla, which was constructed of steel. The molded Mini Gorilla also features a premium US-made 1.5 horsepower motor, a 5 inch inlet, and has a system performance of up to 600 CFM. Additional benefits to the consumer include a 22 gallon dust drum that features a locking lid with a viewing window to see dust level; a patented third-party tested and G.E. Certified H12 TRUE-HEPA filter, which has been tested by an accredited third-party testing lab and proven to far outperform other dust collection filters on the market; and a built-in vacuum connection on the filter that allows the user to clean the filter without removing it by simply attaching the hose of any standard-sized wet/dry vacuum to it. Accessories, sold separately, include reducers, flex hose, and drum liner bags.

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