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Surface measurement & tally system

Aircle offers the QaX Series of Lidar Measurement Systems (LMS) which provide non-contact, high-resolution 3D detail of fast moving profiles. The company says each unit in the series utilizes ultra-fast image capture paired with micro line Laser Image Dimension And Range (Lidar) interpolation to create a full matrix point cloud of the profile. This point cloud is compared to a teach-in template to measure any deviations that may have occurred. Profile sections outside of the assigned tolerances trigger a first stage output to announce the deviation. Profiles that remain out of tolerance for a defined time/distance trigger a second stage output to initiate operator intervention. The system measures fast moving profiles, identifies voids, finds snipe/pistol grip and pattern matches. The company says the QaX is ideal for use by companies that side/end match, mill, mould, tenon, dovetail, fingerjoint, extrude, pultrude, count, pattern match or do general inspections.