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Eco-Friendly Glue Release Products

U∙C Coatings’ line of Bates products for the furniture manufacturing industry includes Glue Release products to protect gluing equipment by creating an efficient, environmentally-friendly way to remove dried glue mess from equipment involved in adhesive or resin application processes, says the company. Bates BC, Bates HTR-1 and Bates HTR-4 glue release products protect gluing equipment by acting as a barrier between the machinery and the glue, adds the company.  In production, the glue sticks to the temporary barrier coating and can be removed with a paint scraper. U∙C Coatings says that using Bates Glue Release Coatings  as part of the production routine avoids the need for using hammer and chisel or harsh or hazardous chemicals to clean equipment.  Bates Glue Release products are applied to clean equipment, and allowed to dry. Production begins and glue squeeze-out or over-spray sticks to the coating.  After production the hardened glue is easily scraped off the equipment, according to U∙C Coatings.  Bates is re-applied to the equipment and ready for the next production period, adds the company. Bates Glue release products are made for Cold or High temperature glues, and can be used on clamps and clamp carriers, roll coaters, spray booths, finger jointer/crowders, and presses/compression molders.

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