Gluing, Laminating and Veneering

Custom veneer panels

States Industries offers custom panels made to specification. Substrate options include veneer core, ApplePly premium veneer core, ArmorCore combination core or a composite core. States also has available a wide range of veneer species, in multiple grades, cuts and matches. Panels are offered unfinished or finished, with options including NOVA UV-cured, flatline, anti-microbial NOVA SI, NOVA LAB finish, NOVA Peak or custom color-matched. Machining is also available.

Heat-assisted rotary laminator

The Black Bros. Panel Express heat-assisted rotary laminator is designed to laminate all types of HPL, decorative plastics and other sheet products to particleboard or MDF. When used in conjunction with “fast tack” (high solids) PVA adhesives, the Panel Express laminating system allows users to move from laminating into production without the need for additional press time. The Black Bros. Panel Express system consists of a panel feeder, panel cleaner, adhesive spreader, laminate indexing station, Panel Express (which is a multiple nip rotary laminator with IR heaters), and an outfeed scissor lift.

Edgebander tooling & accessories now offers edgebander tooling and accessories. Among the products supplied by the company are: pre-milling heads, roughing inserts, top and bottom trim inserts, glue scrape knives, grease, buffing wheels and trackpads. Adhesives, including EVA and PUR, are also available. CNC-Tool adds, "Maximizing production for your business is our business."

SFI-certified lumber & panel products

Roseburg, which owns and manages 158,000 acres of SFI-certified timberland in North Carolina and Virginia, now offers the following products manufactured at its Oregon and California locations as SFI certified upon request: lumber and timbers, pulp and fuel chips, plywood sheathing and underlayment, SkyPly hardwood plywood, Medite MDF, SkyBlend particleboard and Duramine thermally fused laminate panels.

Pumps for paint, catalysts & adhesives

Dürr Systems' pump packages are fully assembled, ready-to-use portable modules ideal for use in multiple industries. Equipment for high-pressure coating based on EcoPump VP pumps is available as well as low-pressure coating devices which use a line of diaphragm pumps. A pneumatically driven vertical piston pump, the EcoPump VP is suitable for airless or air-assisted applications of paint, mastics and adhesives to furniture, steel, walls, and other objects. The EcoPump VP is available in a variety of configurations, with various air inlet modules, pressure relief valves, trolleys and adjacent devices.

Adhesive melters

Valco Melton's new EcoStitch is an intelligent and versatile adhesive melter series with Ethernet IP integration, digital pressure control, adhesive usage data available on-screen and full OEM integration with all digital-based data. The company says all EcoStitch melters do not require compressed air and use precision gear pumps to deliver adhesive in a constant, reliable and repeatable fashion. There are 4 pump size options on all EcoStitch melters to fit specific application requirements.

Single- and double-sided edgebanding

Endmaster-K series edgebanders from Koch offer reliable solutions for edgebanding. Whether for single-sided processing with manual loading or for double sided processing with through-feed these machines are designed for versatility and can be equipped with further processing units such as trimming, routing and drilling. The company says the machine is ideal for just-in-time manufacturing of: frame parts, furniture fronts, and single-drawer components.

Antimicrobial for powder coated MDF

Available from DVUV, UVMax Defender provides added antimicrobial protection for powder-coated MDF. The seamless 360-degree powder-coated finish offers design flexibility, finish variety, and an unlimited color palette – all with 24/7 lifetime antimicrobial protection, says DVUV. After 24 hours, surfaces finished with UVMax Defender showed both E coli and staphylococcus bacterial reproduction reduced by more than 99.99%, the company adds.

Edgeband butler

The Pinske Edge’s new tool, the Edge Butler, is designed to make edgebanding faster and easier. Create less downtime switching between band colors by hanging all the colors needed for that day on the cart, then wheel the cart to the edgebander and start banding; no more walking back and forth to grab the next band color, the company says. The stand is fully adjustable to accommodate various heights, and the butlers are different sizes to accommodate each band’s width and thickness.

Laminating & profile wrapping adhesives & technology

WPR-TAKA produces high performing hotmelt PUR adhesive and high performing profile- and panel-wrapping machines. Vertically integrated, WPR-TAKA also produces its own raw material for the production of the hotmelt PUR, which the company says guarantees total control of the quality of each batch, along with a zero risk of raw material shortage during critical times. The adhesives are for use in a variety of applications, including: profile wrapping with traditional and rigid foils like CPL; panel lamination when glossy and high-quality surfaces are required; lamination with rigid foils, high working speed and difficult geometries; slot nozzle and roll coater applicators; Micro Emission (ME); and edgebanding.