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Release agent for edgebanders

Acmos offers 100-5030, an all-in-one release agent for edgebander spraying systems. A unique water-based formula replaces multiple agents and eliminates the need for alcohol or silicone. The product is designed to eliminate residue and cleaning headaches, delivering a proper release without any additional cleaning needed. It features a non-flammable and non-hazardous formula and is classified as non-hazardous for shipping, making it more affordable to ship without any hazmat fees, the company says. Plus, it's safe to transport, handle, and store.
Acmos 100-5030 forms a thin, barely visible separating film that prevents hot-melt adhesive residues from sticking to surfaces of materials and equipment. It's also silicone-free and can be further diluted with water.
This release agent is intended for use on automatic feeders with edge-banding machines and spraying units to protect pressure rollers, conveyor belts, and wood and plastic surfaces. It can be poured into the appropriate storage tanks on the machine or applied with a brush or cloth.
Acmos products are listed in several manufacturer OEM manuals and warranties, so you can trust its effectiveness, according to the company.


ACMOS 100-5030 release agent

About ACMOS Inc.

ACMOS is a leading force in the woodworking industry, specializing in the production, manufacturing, and marketing of release agents, table lubricants, coolants, and cleaners. With a rich history deeply intertwined with a commitment to the woodworking sector, ACMOS has consistently evolved, collaborating closely with OEMs and adhesive producers. This partnership has fueled the development of innovative products addressing the dynamic needs of the industry.

Our product portfolio spans a wide spectrum of woodworking applications, encompassing cabinet making, edge banding, furniture production, veneering, laminated panels, high-pressure laminates, decorative foils, plywood, MDF, and particleboards. What sets ACMOS apart is its unparalleled flexibility. Beyond offering a range of standard products, we possess the capability to tailor custom solutions to meet the unique performance requirements of woodworking professionals.

ACMOS's advantages are manifold, delivering proven performance, global accessibility, adhesive compatibility, silicone-free assurance, environmental responsibility, water dilutability, efficiency boost, machinery preservation, versatile solutions, and cost-effectiveness. Our products undergo rigorous testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory, ensuring they not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Highlighting some of our featured innovations, Table Lubricant Waxilit 22-74 enhances precision in moulder machines, while the Nonflammable Edgeband Release Agent ACMOS 100-5030 streamlines the edgebanding process. ACMOS 1124B Release Agent, engineered for various hot press operations, guarantees smooth, high-quality outcomes.

ACMOS, Inc. emerges as a steadfast partner in the wood processing industry, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions supported by decades of expertise. Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, product excellence, and innovation empowers woodworking professionals to achieve superior results efficiently and sustainably.



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