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Multi-purpose three-axis CNC router
May 31, 2018 | 11:11 am CDT
Thermwood's multi-purpose 45 three-axis CNC router is available with either single or dual spindles. It is used for the machining of composites, tooling boards, plastic sheets, aluminum, cabinets, solid wood, millwork, phenolic, display fixtures, nested based panels, and much more. With a 12 HP HSD spindle and available in a variety of table sizes, the router features an optional rotary axis, fixed steel high-flow table with moving gantry, four-position bar-style automatic tool changer, 3D laser-compensated axis alignment, control nesting, Siemens Intelligent servo drives, and QCore super-control.

About Thermwood Corp.

Thermwood Corporation, located in Southern Indiana and established in 1969, offers both three & five axis CNC machining centers ideally suited for the production, fabrication & trimming of wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, composites and other advanced materials. These applications range from machining patterns & molds/plugs to trimming & machining production products for various industries such as woodworking, automotive, aerospace/aviation and defense industries. Thermwood is a US company with distributors worldwide and provides extensive and complete support, installation, training & ongoing service.