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Compact CNC for large projects

With its tiling feature, the X-Carve Pro 4x4 CNC system can cut 4x8 sheets on a 4x4 work area. Available from Inventables, the X-Carve Pro can be used to configure, design and cut everything from custom cabinets to furniture, as well as large signs in a few easy steps. The CNC comes complete with bits, dust collection system, hold-down clamps and Easel Pro software. The machine has a work area (X Y Z) of 48 in. x 48 in. x 4 in., and a footprint of 65.75 in. x 55.75 in.


About Inventables, Inc.

Our goal is to ignite a revolution in digital fabrication. To do this, we make products that bring out the maker in all of us. Key to this is simplifying the path from idea to finished product. We believe that 3D carving is the most effective and efficient way for people to bring their ideas to life. We offer everything necessary to make 3D carving easy and inspiring: powerful machines, intuitive software, and unique, beautiful materials. Founded by CEO Zach Kaplan in 2002, Inventables is proud to be based in Chicago.