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CNC auto load and unload

According to NewCNC, adding Auto Load & Unload to your system can increase output by 40%. All NewCNC routers are preconfigured for Auto Load & Unload, to make setting up a lift table and conveyor as easy as plug and play. 

The Auto Load lift table places the panels on the machines vacuum table, automatically squares them to the alignment devices, activates the vacuum pumps, and begins the machining process. No more manual loading of heavy sheets. 

The automatic Unload conveyor transfers finished parts off the machine bed to a waiting conveyor while the machine bed is vacuumed simultaneously, ready for the Auto Load to place the new board.

The result is designed to be a continuous production cycle. The operator can then use the optional label printing station to label and stack the parts, allowing a single operator to run the machine, saving both labor and time.

NewCNC auto load and unload T4D