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CNC machining center

Available from JKL Machinery, the Casadei-Busellato Jet Master T CNC machining center can be configured as a 3-, 4- or 5-axis machine. The pod and rail system can be configured as a manual system or the fully automatic Jet Fast or Jet Power system.  The Jet Fast utilizes an aggregate which the electrospindle uses to place each rail and pod, while the Jet Power automatically moves each rail and pod via independent servo motors running on a rack-and-pinion drive system.  The JET Master T can also be configured with various drilling block configurations that range from 18 up to 30 spindles, and comes standard with a 16 position rotary tool changer. The CNC is available with Genesis Evolution 10 software with Jet CAD and can be equipped with the Jet 3D simulator, which gives the user the ability to visualize the entire machine including the pods, rails, tools and tool changer in a virtual environment.  It further provides the ability to run programs in a virtual environment while altering the view in 360° to ensure that the part is being machined correctly and maintains proper clearances.



About JKL Machinery

JKL Machinery was founded in 2008 as an exclusive provider of machine and service solutions for the woodworking industry in the mid-west.  Since then JKL has go on to become the exclusive importers for Casadei Busellato and Vitap machines.  JKL Machinery has a network of dealers and technicians nationwide to support customers across the country.  Our goal is not to be the biggest machinery importer in the country but to be the best importer by catering to our customers needs and doing so with superior service.