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Motorized Edgebanding Adhesive Applicator

Nordson’s EB60 Flex edgebanding adhesive applicator increases production efficiency and flexibility while achieving a superior finished appearance and strong bond, says the company. Real-time nozzle width adjustment goes up to 60 mm on either the board or the band (softforming). Patented edge-on-demand technology eliminates the need to purge the applicator between width changes, adds Nordson, and volume compensation delivers accurate adhesive application even at system start and stop. The result is efficient, thorough adhesive use for high-quality panels, says Nordson. The EB60 Flex applicator dispenses a wide range of adhesives, including EVA and PUR, using a closed system to protect adhesive integrity and reduce maintenance. The EB60 is designed to save material costs, decrease setup and maintenance time, and improve product quality and the EB60 Flex applicator allows optimization of adhesive use and production time, according to the company.

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