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Zero-Edge Effect Glue Line Technology

Holz-Her introduces its GluJet “melt-on-demand” adhesive application system for its edgebanders. The GluJet heats up in 3 minutes, uses conventional glue pellets, and meters the glue precisely, eliminating the over-application that can lead to sloppy joints, says the company. The GluJet’s very thin glue line gives the zero-edge effect. Glue is melted in an air-tight chamber and delivered, under pressure, through an application nozzle. Because the glue is extruded, and delivered under pressure, it penetrates the fibers and fills all the voids in any workpiece, which makes the glue bond extremely strong and durable, says Holz-Her. GluJet can use conventional granulated hot melt (EVA) glue, cartridges and 2 kg slugs and it can apply glue in multiple colors with a 5-minute changeover. It can apply EVA and PUR adhesive as standard, without the need of specialized tanks. Because the glue is melted and delivered “on demand,” it is not re-circulated as it would be with conventional glue pots, which means no smoke, fumes, or toxic vapors are released, adds the company. Also the sealed system does not become contaminated by wood dust and other debris. The GluJet has three moving parts and no gears, chains, bearings, rollers or other mechanisms, adds Holz-Her.

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