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Thick Edgebanding In Stock and Custom Species

Veneer Technologies offers a broad line of thick edgebanding, which the company says is ideal for high throughput casegood applications as well as studio projects. Veneer Technologies uses top grade real wood veneer faces and plies, adds the company, and offers superior grain match and finger joinery, 120 grit surface sanding, and a wide range of stock species and mil sizes. Standard width is 7/8” and coil size is 328 feet. Stock species are red oak, maple, birch, mahogany, cherry, walnut, white oak, alder and beech including thicknesses of 1.5mm (3-ply 1/16”) and 3.00mm (6-ply 1/8”). Custom species, as well as thicknesses of 1.0mm (2-ply 1/25”) and 2.0mm (4-ply 1/12”) are also available.

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