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Urea Glue for Veneering and Laminating

Quality VAKumm Products has added a new product to its line, a 10 lb. pail of VAK Bond 2000 urea glue in pre-catalyzed powder form. The line includes a 6 lb. pail and a 25 lb. pail of the VB 2000 urea glue. The 6 lb. tub has an approximate coverage of 150 sq. ft. and retails for $30; the 10 lb. pail covers approximately 250 sq. ft. at a price of $45. The 25 lb. pail will cover approximately 625 sq. feet, says the company, at a price of $110. VB 2000 is also offered in a 50 lb. pail, which covers 1,250 sq. ft. and costs $195. The 75 lb. tub covers approximately 1,875 sq. ft. and costs $250 and the 100 lb. tub covers approximately 2,500 sq. ft. and costs $310. VB 2000 offers a rigid glue line, says the company, without creep, making it ideal for curved work like arches, staircases and flat veneered or laminated panels. It sands easily without gumming sandpaper, adds the company, and has a shelf life of approximately 12 months versus liquids, which typically can be stored for three months. It is water resistant and heat resistant, adds QVP.

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